Steel Erection.
Qatar SAT is smart team, articulate people that are very well-trained in the erection of structural steel and installation of Fabrics as membranes for Tensile Structures. Handling all of a engineering department needs on a day-to-day basis is the single most important activity during the project erection.
The installation process includes:
Receipt of erection drawings.
Verify site measurements against erection drawings.
Project Specific Erection Plan methods.
General comments:
Bolts used for connections in secondary members are usually ASTM A307.
Bolts used for connections in primary framing connections are ASTM A325
Each Technician is trained to use safe and productive erection techniques.
Each must wear his Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE) at site.
JOINTS NOT SUBJECT TO TENSION LOADS need only be tightened to the snug tight condition, defined as the tightness attained by a few impacts of an impact wrench or the full effort of a man using an ordinary spud wrench.
JOINTS SUBJECT TO TENSION LOADS have Two tightening procedures are for A325 bolts; Turn-of-the-nut method and direct tension indicator.
The latest edition of the AlSC Manual of Steel Construction is consulted for more complete instructions for installing high strength